The Rankings of a Mad Man:Part One

After a couple weeks of being off the grid with my blogs, I am back! The NFL news for the past couple of weeks has been so dreadful and sad, that i did’t really want to put any attention to it. But as I have successfully stepped back in a position at work to focus more on getting prepared to head off to boot camp, i have actually found a lot more time on my hands now. So blogs will be out like NFL players get arrested. Well maybe not that much, no one has the time for that! The only positives from Ray Rice beating his wife in an elevator, Adrian Peterson taking a switch to his son, and defensive ends being charged with domestic violence, is that no one is talking about Manziel now. Even after that weird play.

Taking the break on power rankings was hard. I actually really like ranking things. I’m very rankist. I rank everything from best Fruit to most crazy girlfriends. What can I say, I have an opinion and I like to share it. But in all honesty with the top 5 sucking on fat eggs and some shock wins and losses, I had no idea how to rank these teams. I can comfortably attempt to try something here.


1. Cincinnati Bengals(7) – I can already hear the criticism here. But hear me out, this a team that has only trailed in games for a total of 55 seconds is an impressive stat. I am not a huge Dalton fan, but i do love what is happening with this team. The defense is playing beyond well, Dalton isn’t messing up and Giovanni is a total work horse stud. Missed my chance on this guy in my fantasy leagues.

2. Arizona Cardinals(9) – I was already higher on this team that most power rankings and i feel pretty damn good about this. I actually believe this team is the best in the NFL but they got a gimme win against the Giants, so im not totally prepared to put them in the number one spot, but they easily have the most underrated and best coach in the NFL. “In Arians We Trust”

3. San Diego Chargers(12) – I still hate this teams logo, but i LOVE that they took down the mighty Seahawks. They are playing good football and are winning home and away games. I do love the excuses Hawk fans are putting out there. “its too hot”, okay Lebron fans…. athletes should be able to play in any condition. There is no added bonus the Chargers got either. They have human bodies too.

4. Philadelphia Eagles(6) – Look, this could potentially be the best offense in the NFL. They play at such a high pace and so many targets. The thing is, I don’t think they have even clicked all the way yet. This guy is rocking Sproles in a lot of leagues and im feeling very confident about that.

5. Seattle Seahawks(1) – Massive drop for the defending Super Bowl champs. Why so low, Ryan? Well they are not undefeated, they lost to the Chargers, and they didn’t look like the same team the Broncos played at Met life. The offense looks good, but they almost lost at home and had to go into overtime. I also believe that Cards could tear this team apart on any turf.

6. Denver Broncos(3) – Another team that drops for me. I don’t fully understand it though. They have every weapon you need on the offensive side and defense should be shutting teams out. I just cant tell if poorly coached or what. But games seem too close for my comfort with them. Call this one a gut feeling.

7. Carolina Panthers(16) – This just seems to be a team that does a lot with nothing. Sure they have a good defense. But Hardy is out and the secondary is suspect. I just think this another well coached team. Players here love River Boat Rivera and they play their heart out for him. Bad offense that still puts points on the board. I know the steelers beat them, but i am not prepared to panic too quick on them yet.

8. Detroit Lions(10) – I still don’t know how i feel about Stafford at this moment. But i still like the coaching, the front seven is impressing the hell out of me and CALVIN JOHNSON!

9. Chicago Bears(8) – Love the offense. Hate the defense. But Marshall and Jeffrey are just too damn good. When you cover them, then Bennett goes off. Don t forget, Forte is still a dangerous weapon too.

10. Green Bay Packers(5) – Just one disappointment after another with this team. As an Aaron Rodgers owner, I am frustrated. But i’ll take his advice and not panic yet. “R-E-L-A-X”

11. Baltimore Ravens(11) – One of the only teams to not move in rankings. Good team, but they lost Pitta and the running shuffle could end either bad or good. Fantasy purposes i hate this team. But im rolling with annoying Steve Smith Sr now. So as long as he gets the work, then this team will be in my good graces. I hate Flacco though.

12. New Orleans Saints(4) – Sean Peyton has earned a little bit of respect. But im not sold on this team this year. I never am though. They don’t look like a playoff team. You have to win road games to be considered good. This team just can’t do it. I really feel like i should be lower. But the talent is definitely there. Just needs to show up.

13. Buffalo Bills(32) – I am eating crow on this one. Much better team than i expected for sure. The defense is really good here and defenses win games. Manuel still sucks. But it could always be worse. They could have Gabbert for 3 years.

14. Atlanta Falcons(14) – I should be higher here. And another win at Minnesota could easily move them up. But same complain about the Saints. You have to be able to win on the road to be a good team. Just a totally different offense when they are not playing in the dome.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers(20) – Leveon Bell is total stud and could easily be the number one running back at the end of the season. Very impressed there. The rest of the team kind of stinks though. Not sure how they pull out wins. Its the Bell and Brown show.

16. Indianapolis Colts(21) – Still not thrilled about this team. They don’t have a great defense, though they did rip Chad Henne apart. But in all fairness a pop warner team could rip Henne apart. But Luck is Luck and that will always be a good thing.

17. Washington Redskins(27) – Team has taken a bigger turn around than i thought. RG3 getting injured may have been the best thing for this Franchise. Cousins is easily the better QB and this front seven is a lot meaner than i thought.

18. San Francisco 49er’s(13) I thought this team was going to be bad, but i didn’t think this bad. Kaepernick looks horrible. You cant run the ball every play with your QB and expect to win. I have no faith in this team this year. Could easily be last place in this division. Even below the let down Rams.

19. Kansas City Chiefs(15) – High hopes for Alex Smith. But this team isn’t fully clicking yet. Still high hopes here. I do love me some Jamal Charles and that guy is one tough SOB. High ankle sprain my ass.

20. New England Patriots(2) – TWO! I had you guys at TWO! I hate the pats and i went out and praised you guys. The defense is playing no where near what i expected and the offense is sad joke. Brady looks horrible. The line can’t protect the run or the pass. Its the end of the road for Brady. I mean they could barely beat the Raiders…

21. New York Jets(26) – I have a confession to make. I’m kind of a closet Jets fan. I think Rex is a good coach and great defensive mind. Geno just needs to limit the mistakes and they have a good chance on taking over the division

22. Dallas Cowboys(22) – Just really fluky wins. Once Murray is injured. This team won’t be able to move the ball. Or some corner will just let Dez Bryant run right past him again.

23. Houstan Texans(17) – I was prepared to move you guys up all the way up to top 10. But you had to let me down and lose to the Giants of all teams. I think some more Fitzy bad plays and Mallet could see his way in and maybe some productivity could happen here.

24. Miami Dolphins(18) – This team makes me cringe. I love the Dolphins. I root for them all the time and unlike the rest of the world, i like Tannehill. Head Coach, Joe Philbin is a joke in my opinion. I hate the guy and the Phins should have fired him last year after the o-line incident.

25. Minnesota Vikings(24) – Just down one spot from week one rankings. Losing AP is the worst thing that could happen to this team. Asiata does not look like a NFL running back and defense is so and so. I do think Bridewater adds a flair to the team though. Can’t be worst than Cassel.

26. Cleveland Browns(30) – I said I’d be shocked if they could pull a W this year and i was wrong. They beat the mighty Saints but fall short of beating both division rivals. Definitely a better team than I expected.

27. Tennessee Titans(29) – The AFC south just stinks. Tennessee should be 2-1 but lose to the Cowboys. I don’t understand this team, but i do hope a little more out of this. Surprise, Locker is injured once again. Charlie Whitehusrt is the back up… yup!

28. New York Giants(28) Just not a believer in this offensive scheme. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that’s what this team is trying to do with Eli.
29. St Louis Rams(19) – Yeah, just way too many injuries to hold up. Really frustrating team at this point.

30. Oakland Raiders(31) – Hey, they moved up a spot!

31. Tampa Bay Bucs(25) – I was lower than most power rankings and obviously not low enough. What a horrible team with tons of talent. Lovie Smith is suppose to be a defense guy, then tell me how you lose to the Falcons that bad.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars(22) – Very high hopes at the beginning of the season. After the first half in the game against the Eagles I was happy. After that half, not a smile has shown on my face until the last half against the Colts. I mean Bortles beat the colts 17-14, right? Right now, the Jags are just horrible. But this is the turn around now. The Bortles era has begun and I have a lot of confidence in this team. In Gus We Trust.


The Cheeseheads vs The 12th Man

The grass is mowed. Emblems on the field. 49er’s are getting arrested. I think football season is upon now and my actions last night during the game are in full affect. I sat like a sad miserable boy, watching my number 2 pick in my league just get completely shut down but to jump in joy and dance when he finally scores me a touchdown. Something is wrong when your opponent, in this case, my dad, has a kicker that has scored .52 points less than my all- star quarterback. This is going to be a rough week in the Fletcher household. Its on your shoulders now, Lions star wide receiver and my first pick, Calvin Johnson Jr.

Green Bay @ Seattle – In the past few weeks, i have been saying things like Aaron Rodgers will be the MVP this year and Marshawn Lynch is done this year. Well tonight has proved me too shut my fat stupid mouth. If you owned Rodgers like i do, in three leagues, then you understand my pain. I still think Rodgers is great and this is more of a credit to both how well i thought the Seattle front seven was and how an injury can really hamper a team. Green Bay’s Right Tackle Bryan Bulaga left the game early due to a knee injury and was replaced by Derek Sherrod. Sherrod looked really rough, letting a lot get by him and being a reason why Rodgers fumbled the ball in their own end zone. This line looked pretty solid before Bulaga leaves the game. Center, Core Linsley looked great for being a rookie center playing against a very difficult defense in Seattle. On the other side of the ball, i thought the Seahawks and the Legion of Boom(or as my friend referred to them as the “Legion of Boo”) looked good. Maxwell got a nice interceptions, which happened after i criticized his playing. So i will personally take the blame on that one, Rodgers owners. But that legendary secondary really didn’t have to do much. Sherman really didn’t do anything, which can happen when nobody throws the ball near you. Seahawks offense looked great! I have no idea who to start with but damn, if Percy Harvin stays healthy for all 16 games and plays this way every game, he could steal that MVP award for himself or at least Offensive Player of the Year. He was making catches, running the ball, and really confusing the sub-par defense. Which then brings to the dangers of Lynch’s running game. I have been saying all off-season and preseason that i don’t have any faith in Lynch this year and i think he could be replaced. Lynch certainly proved me wrong there. Wilson looked great, especially when he is tricking the defense with read option pass play, twice. Although Green Bay’s defense played poorly, i do want to mention a couple of stand outs that i really liked. I thought Ha Ha Clinton Dix played exceptional for a rookie, Sam Shields looked very solid and Clay Matthews is impressive. He is an obvious leader on the team and his presence was felt all over the field.

Seahawks played better than i expected and i thought the Packers played well too. I think this just shows why the Seahawks are number one in every Power Ranks I have seen.  To anyone who read my first post, i do want to apologize for how horrible the grammar and spelling was. Sometimes you have the set the bar low, so it can only get better. Right? I will try to get out a pregame post on Saturday.

– Ryan Fletcher

A Different View or a Horrible Idea

Just like Tim Tebow, I plan on being an active discussion about the NFL without actually having real NFL talent. Obvisiouly no hate to Tim Tebow, but is it me or is Michael Sam now the Tim Tebow of the NFL. Just because you slightly flash in the college doesn’t mean you acutally are an NFL caliber player. Its not crazy to how the media and ESPN has handled his story.  I mean the media is why Tim Tebow doesn’t play in the NFL now. That and is great ability to have an incredibly low passing percentage.

Fans of the NFL have favorite teams and favorite players. And just like every fan roots for their favorite players and team, there are those who just carry hate to a team for one small reason or another. Take me for example, MASSIVE jags fan and i completely loathe the Patriots. But i am going to try to be as honest as i can be in my power rankings. Here is my first attempt to power rankings and my poor grammar explanations on why I ranked them where they are at.


1. Seattle Seahawks – Not happy about it either, but how can you not rank Richard Sherman’s antics and debatable top 5 DB play. Seahawks didn’t really get any better in the off-season, but they didn’t get worst either. Not sure how you can deny them number one spot quite yet. Those nasty DB’s are still there with Earl Thomas being easily the number one Safety in the NFL currently. Not totally a fan of the offense. Not a big believer in Percy Harvin, but Russel Wilson has looked like a complete stud all preseason. Not saying he’s a top 10 QB, but the ceiling is high enough for him to reach it. Lynch could easily see a decline this year, i wouldn’t worry too much about though. Turbin and Michael are decent backs that can churn up some of those tough yards.

2. New England Patriots – People who know me, know that this one hurts to rank so high. But that offense is an easy top 10 and if Gronk and Vereen stay healthy they have massive chance to be the number one offense after the year is said and done with. Tom Brady is Tom Brady with maybe something to prove and possibly a job to protect(kind of). I have no doubt that this offense has a chance to score with ease on a lot of the teams they play. Though, Cincinnati and Denver are not going to be a walk in the park defense to play. Revis is on the team too, so the defense will be more than okay.

3. Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning.

4. New Orleans Saints – I spent 6 months in Pensacola, Fl barely paying attention to school and playing a lot of madden and call of duty. I flunked every class and had to move back home to avoid being more of a failure. I 100% blame the “Who Dat” Saints. Everyday on my 45 minute drive to school, all i saw was Saints bumper stickers. Every time i worked, i had to hear “Who Dat”. It was annoying and I blame Drew Brees for this. I know this is a good team, but i cant say anything nice about them. So they made my top 5, but im not saying anything nice.

5. Green Bay Packers – Brett Favre was always a fun guy to cheer for. He is a true American with his Levi’s and all. But Rodgers is there now and man, that guy can lead a team to a Super Bowl. He is a true elite quarterback and my vote for this years MVP. Think im lying, I drafted the guy in three of my fantasy leagues this year. I took him over Peyton in one of the leagues. I love Eddie Lacy, the dude is a great 3 down back and teams are going to have to worry about Rodgers whipping the ball across the field. If you have Lacy on your fantasy team, you picked well. he could easily take the number 3 spot behind McCoy and Peterson. The Defense will be much improved from last year. Lot of guys are back, they took Ha Ha in the draft. But they are number 5 on this list because of how poor the defense is compared to the other 4 teams.

6. Philadelphia Eagles – This is where the list starts to become debatable, but Chip Kelly wants to be the fastest team in the NFL. He has Shady, Sproles and a QB who had another year to really take on the playbook. Foles is going to make more mistakes but will be a good QB again. Plus this defense is going to be better this year.

7. Cincinnati Bengals – I mean come on! This defense is great, they have some good Running Backs, AJ Green and Air Ginger. Though Dalton is not my favorite QB in the league, he is always improving. This defense will keep teams down and this offense will put enough points on the board to put a check in the W column.

8. Chicago Bears – This offense is going to score! They are going to put numbers on the board. If Peyton, Brady, Rodgers and Brees didn’t play in the NFL,  think Cutler, if he stays healthy, could be a number one QB. I like me some Bear’s recievers. Marshall and Jeffery are elite top 10 wide recievers and Bennett is a decent TE with some fight in him and Forte is a great running back that stays healthy. The defense isn’t great here, making them number 9 on my list scares me just for that. But i just have a good feeling about this team this year.

9. Arizona Cardinals – Oh yeah, this is a great team this year. Love the underrated recievers, love the running back, and the QB is good enough to win games. A great NFL coach. Hell, ill admit it, Bruce Arians is one of my favorite coaches right now. Even though this defense is taking some loss, i think they are a top 10 defense.

10. Detroit Lions – My boy Calvin Johnson is healthy, Stafford might have a coach that will teach him how to avoid interceptions. This offensive coordinator is credited for making Brees, Brees. I think this offense is going to electric and that dirty D line is going to be dirty and explosive again. Concerns in the back field still are there though. Knocks them down a little bit.

11. Baltimore Ravens – Hate Ray Rice but this is football and that is first focus. This is going to be a good team this year. Flaco will play a little better. they have some stretch the field guys on the team and Pitta is back.

12. San Diego Chargers – Every year I complain about this teams logo. It looks like a child drew up the logo for them. But Bolo Tie Rivers is impressive. He looked great through the preseason, picking up where he left off last year. They will be taking the helms of the team behind the Manning Broncos.

13. San Francisco 49er’s – Im really low on this team this year. Not a fan of the off season moves, I mean they traded a 6th round draft pick for Gabbert. I would not trade a cheeseburger for that horrible NFL player. The 49er’s lead the leauge in arrest now, not a happy stat. The defense is getting worst, Kaepernick looked out of place this preseason. I have doubts in Gore this year. I dont want to hate this team becasue Harbaugh is awesome.

14. Atlanta Falcons – Another possible explossive offense with a very underrated QB in Matt Ryan. Watching Hard Knocks got me really excited for this offense. But made me hate the defense, which just looked sloppy and meh all preseason and training camp.

15. Kansas City Chiefs – This team on paper looks very middle of the pack, which is why they get a middle of the pack power ranking. Alex Smith is a good QB who deserves the new contract and i think will play okay this year. The o-line really does cocern me though. The defense was exposed by vertern QB’s last year and think they will carry over again this year.

16. Carolina Panthers – The defense is their saving grace to me. They have an aggressive front 7 with okay DB’s. But the other side of the ball concerns me. Cam has faced two injuries now with the surgery and back now. The o-line just looks horrible and i hate the running backs here.

17. Houston Texans – Does this defense not scare anyone else. The 100 million dollar man, JJ Watt and Clowney are going to make QB’s and RB’s piss themselves this year. This is not an easy defense. Fitzy will make a play here and there and Foster will hopefully have a bounce back year. Once Mallet takes over the team, then we might see some real football being played.

18. Miami Dolphins – Bill Lazor comes down to work his QB magic on Ryan Tannehill and could make him a much better and more focused QB. I dont love the RB’s here but they are behind an improved o-line that isn’t hazing its sensitive players. Wake is back and i really like Brent Grimes and Cortland Finnegan are very good Corners

19. St Louis Rams – I dont want to be the one who says it, but this team might be better without Bradford behind center. Shuan Hill is a QB who could have a josh McCown kind of year. I like Stacy, Cunningham and Mason as the team’s backs and theres some talent on the reciever side. The o-line has improved a lot more. But this Dline is really exciting again. I think they are going to be better than most think.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – I have no faith in this team this year. Big Ben just seems to get more like more like my writing, which is no compliment to either of us. The Running Backs are okay. The recievers are okay. The defense just still seems slow and old.

21. Indianapolis Colts – If people to read this, they are gonig to fight me on this one. Here’s the only way i can explain this. Jones Drew carried the jags on his back almost his whole career and that is never healthy. The Colts are so Andrew Luck dependent that they would be shaking and crying if something happened to him. I am just not a believer in this teams horrible o-line, not very good RB’s and a so-so defense. People think the AFC South stinks and thats why the colts should be high. But i think the Houston and Jacksonville D are better and Tennessee could have a better offense than people expect.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars – The homer is going to preach here why the this team has more of a shot than people expect. Head Coach Gus Bradley is a great coach who has done a great job bringing some real talent into this city and creating a culture. Henne stinks, but he wont be behind center for long. Bortles will play this year and will make an impact on this team immediately. The defense is going to shock people, Clemons and Marks looked great, the first string team was holding back first team offenses pretty well other than the fluke run play by Reggie Bush.

23. Dallas Cowboys – do they even make it to 8-8?

24. Minnesota Vikings – Greatest RB and great o-line. Cassel is a decent QB and Mike Zimmer has alwasy had top Defenses. I have a lot of faith in this team this year. Even though they are low on this list. I am actually pulling for them to be an upset team and possibly make a playoff appearance.

25. Tampa Bay Bucs – This team just rubs me the wrong way. I enjoy pulling for a Florida team, but i dont like the offseason moves with the Glennon and McCown. Very poorly played out and even though the addition of Mankins doenst get me excited about this offensive line. The defense will be good, but just not what people think. The Revis move was dumb. They made horrible attempts to try to trade him and let him go to the Pats.

26. New York Jets – Im using their Defense week one in a league im in. But thats only because i have a bet against my dad that MJD doesnt score more than 10 points against them and i love the idea of a good pass rushing defense playing a rookie QB who has to travel across the country and play a 1 o’clock game. But this team has a rough QB with not much talent around him. Vick is there too with Chris Johnson. But unless i get into a time machine and go back to like 2008, then this doesnt really get me excited.

27. Washington Redskins – Lots of questions about this team, will RGIII live up to the hype? Will this Dline make some noise? Will Meriweather have one clean hit this season? Lack luster team with an all star cast. I just take this as Jay Gruden’s rebuilding year.

28. New York Giants – Eli Manning.

29. Tennessee Titans – I like the coaching hire. Locker would a good QB if he could just stay healthy for 16 games. But the defense has a lot of questions and im not sure about the running game yet. Though i do think the recievers are great. I really like Justin Hunter, so much i have him in multiple leagues now as well as my Madden team.

30. Cleveland Browns – I really want this team to be good, but i hate the coaching hire, i hate the owner, and this teams inconsistencies. So much talent here that just can’t be used right. I will be shocked if this team can pull a W this year.

31. Oakland Raiders – I mean this team just drafts bad. They play free agency bad. They are just not great. Of course being he jags homer, i do like MJD on this team. Carr might prove us all wrong, but until then, they will remain at the bottom.

32. Buffalo Bills – Bad QB. Okay recieving core but the number draft pick cant seem to stay healthy yet and that causes concern. The front 7 on defense is good. But they didnt play really great last year and i dont know what makes people think they will play good this year either. Once this team is bought out by Bon Jovi, then maybe I wont be Livin on a Prayer with them.

Closing out, I am going to make attempts to actively post these blogs about the NFL season. I’ll dive more into fantasy this year and try to win at least one of my 5 leagues im in. I promise this will be the longest post i have.

Mediocre Football at it's Best